Skilled employment assessment

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Skilled employment assessment

CPA Australia’s assessment of your work history can be used to claim points for skilled employment. This is an optional component to the general skills assessment. 


Work experience or employment claims will only be considered if you receive (or have previously received) a positive skills assessment under your nominated occupation by CPA Australia.

CPA Australia will recognise employment that is:

  • assessed as closely related to the ANZSCO occupation you have received a positive skills assessment outcome for
  • undertaken after you have completed a formal qualification (or combination of qualifications) that is assessed as comparable to at least an Australian Bachelor Degree according to AEI-NOOSR and CPA Australia
  • paid and continuous for a minimum of 20 hours per week

Document preparation

Ensure that your testimonials are written on the official letterhead of your employer and include:

  • the exact period of your employment, including:
    • positions held
    • exact start and end dates
    • whether your positions were permanent or temporary
    • whether your positions were full- or part-time
    • your required working hours per week
    • the duties or responsibilities undertaken in each position
    • the salary you earned
    • the signature, name and position of the person who wrote the testimonial
    • the direct business contact number of the person who wrote the testimonial

Volunteer work and experience carried out as part of a qualification are not considered for skilled employment.

Statutory Declarations

If you are not able to obtain an employment reference on company letterhead, a Statutory Declaration outlining the reasons for this, may be considered. You will need to include third party documentation such as taxation certificates, employment contracts, payslips, a letter from a work colleague confirming your relationship and work duties, as well as any other relevant information that verifies employment.


If you have been self-employed, you should provide details of the nature of your business, your position, the type of work you did and how many hours you were employed by the business per week. You will also need to include certified copies of the following:

  • registration of your business name
  • practicing certificate
  • tax returns of first, a middle and final year (if relevant) of business operation
  • reference from two or more clients on letterhead, stating work done by your business and the time period your business was employed by the referee