Winter Congress

Join Alex Malley and other esteemed international presenters at Winter Congress 2017.

Set in the Swiss Alps, the Winter Congress 2017 program offers members an opportunity to gain 15 continuing professional development (CPD) hours through a full day of conference sessions, focusing on the very real threat of cyber crime in business, and 2017 Eurozone politics with their global implications.

Interact with delegates from around the world in a pristine setting and take your CPD experience to a new level.

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Financial Services Special Interest Group

Develop your career, network with fellow members, access the latest vacancies, and obtain CPD hours. 

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Personal Awareness Special Interest Group

This group focuses on ways to raise our personal awareness of how we communicate, approach situations, our perceptions and other areas of personal awareness.

Understanding ourselves will enhance our understanding of others and how best to interact with colleagues, managers and other team members in all situations. The discussion group will provide an environment for members to share personal experience and support each other. 

Women in Business Special Interest Group

Join fellow CPAs to discuss a wide range of current topics faced by women in business. Discover and share strategies and skills to support career choices such as progression, flexibility and change. 

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