We understand that sometimes exceptional circumstances occur beyond your control and you may need to request special consideration to be applied to your exam result.

Valid reasons for special consideration applications include:

  • a medical condition
  • personal hardship, identified as a situation or circumstance that has had a significant impact on exam preparation or exam performance and is out of your control. Where you can control the situation, it is not considered hardship. Hardship can include, but is not limited to, family, personal, or financial issues. Workload is not considered a reason for hardship
  • exam incident

Pressures of work are not considered to be exceptional and applications for special consideration that are submitted on employment-related grounds will not be accepted and will not be reviewed by the Special Consideration Committee.

You can also no longer claim special consideration for late receipt of study materials as digital copies are available via My Online Learning.

Candidates with disabilities or learning impairments may also apply for modified learning materials and special exam arrangements in advance of their exam. See reasonable adjustments.

You should not apply for special consideration if you are unable to attend an exam. In this case, you can:

  • cancel your enrolment for your subject, up to the advertised closing date
  • apply for an exam deferral up to the advertised closing date (or contact CPA Australia if exceptional circumstances arise after the closing date that prevent you from attending the exam)

Refer to changes to enrolment.

Applying for special consideration

It is your responsibility to provide sufficient detailed information to support an application for special consideration, including information detailing the impact on your studies or exam performance. All applications must be supported with relevant documentation from an independent person. If supporting documentation is not received by CPA Australia by the closing date, the application will not be processed. Details on the required application documentation are included in the CPA Program Guide (PDF).

All applications received by the application closing date will be acknowledged in writing before the official release of results.