Just as you’re comfortable with using technology in your personal life, it also plays a pivotal role in your ability to perform your professional work. And so it follows that technology will now play a role in your study towards becoming a CPA. 

Our computer-based exams are administered by PearsonVUE and are already available in many locations. CPA Australia is committed to increasing the availability of computer-based exams over the coming semesters. 

A computer-based exam offers many benefits including:

  • Increased flexibility when scheduling your exam with additional dates, times and locations available.

  • Improved exam security

  • Added functionality for candidates – with the ability to quickly change and edit responses, flag questions for review and easily modify typed extended responses.

Browse the resources here to familiarise yourself with a computer-based exam experience, and choose a computer-based exam for your next subject.


Video – sitting an exam with CPA Australia

If you’re sitting a computer-based exam, watch this video to get familiar with your check-in process and on-screen exam experience.

Computer tutorial

Tutorial – practice a computer-based exam

A practice tutorial is available from the PearsonVUE website. The questions in the practice exam are not specific to the CPA Program, but it does provide the opportunity to use all of the functions to enter responses, view visuals and exhibits, scroll pages and review items.


View a slideshow of a computer-based exam

A computer-based exam demonstration (PPT) slide pack has been developed to help you familiarise yourself with the look, feel and functionality of a computer-based exam.