When you’re learning something new, being able to practice what you’re doing is a great way to enrich your understanding and build your confidence. That’s why, we’re introducing a suite of new interactive resources to give you an opportunity to apply the theory you’re learning.

Your study guide will continue to be your essential resource and it contains everything you need to learn and apply to pass your exam. These new resources are designed to complement the guide by demonstrating content from the study guide and providing you with hands-on opportunities to apply what you’re learning.

In semester two 2016, we’re making new resources available in two subjects – so if you choose to study Ethics and Governance or Financial Reporting this semester, you’ll see these resources first hand.

And if you’ve already completed these subjects but have others left to do, you can expect to see new resources added to other subjects in coming semesters.

What's new in Strategic Management Accounting

icon navy signpostBusiness simulation

Make choices – see the impact – learn from the results.

In this interactive simulation you’ll apply your knowledge to a fictitious business example. You will use different practical tools to analyse the business problems, make informed decisions and see the impact of your decision making.

What's new in Ethics and Governance

icon navy signpostBusiness simulations

Make choices – see the impact – learn from the results.

In this interactive simulation you’ll make your own decisions based on a fictional case study and see the impact on the business and stakeholders. You can move back and forth to see how different decisions you make impact positive or negatively and you’ll get real insight into how well you’re applying the concepts learned in the study guide.

icon navy screen

Case studies

Real-life examples to apply your knowledge.

A new suite of real-life case studies will support the subject modules and you’ll use enriched resources such as videos, interviews, newspaper articles and discussions to help you consider the real-life application of your learning.

icon navy play button

Video resources

Expert and overview videos will expand, explain and draw on expert’s own examples to inspire and inform you on real-life application of the subject content.

What's new in Financial Reporting

icon navy activityInteractive learning tasks

Apply your knowledge.

Practice making calculations, inputting and manipulating data and see the effect on your statement. You’ll receive feedback to help you understand what’s correct and what’s not.

Watch expert videos.

The learning tasks will also feature expert video’s to guide you on the most complex subject areas, using graphics and examples to help you comprehend the subject matter.